All 3 Ram Lalla Idol, Statues, Murti in Ram Mandir: Know All Details About Them

All 3 Ram Lalla Idol, Statues, Murti – Recently two further statues of Ramlala surfaced; the first was made of white marble, while the second was black. These will be kept in the temple.

In the Ayodhya Ram temple, there sits Child Ram, also known as Ramlala. The second and third idols created for the Ram temple have also surfaced in the meantime the third figure is crafted from Makrana marble, and the second one is colored Shyamal. Each of the three measures 51–51 inches tall.

God is seen sitting on a lotus platform in all three statues. In all three, the five-year-old kid form of God is shown. Both of Lord Ram’s statues, aside from Ramlala, are intended to be placed inside the Ram temple.

In actuality, the Trust had three Lord Ram idols ready for the temple. It was crafted by several artists using various stones. Ultimately, the Karnataka sculptor Yogi Raj’s statue of Ramlala was chosen for the sanctum sanctorum with the Trust member’s approval.

The third statue was created by Rajasthani artist Satyanarayan Pandey, while the second figure was created by Ganesh Bhatt, a sculptor from the South. Marble was used to create Satyanarayan Pandey’s statue.

Let’s Know about the three sculptors

Arun Yogiraj: Originating from a dynasty of Mysore palace artisans, 37-year-old Arun is the first sculptor. After completing his MBA at Mysore University in 2008, he was employed by a private business and then entered this line of work. Nonetheless, he had a natural talent for sculpture since he was little. His effort has also been lauded by PM Modi.

Ram Lalla Idol - Arun Yogiraj
Ram Lalla Idol – Arun Yogiraj

Ramlala Statue is made of three billion years old rock

Arun Yogiraj, a sculptor from Mysore, created the 51-inch figure by carving three billion years old granite. The Krishna rock, which is blue in hue, was extracted from Gujjegoudanapura in Jayapura hobli, in the Mysore taluka of HD Kote. Because of its smooth surface texture, this sky-blue metamorphic rock with fine to medium-grained texture is often referred to as soapstone.

While leveling Ramdas’s agricultural land, Krishna Shila was discovered (78). A local contractor then evaluated the stone’s quality. Subsequently, he addressed the Ayodhya temple trustees.

Ganesh Bhatt: The Karnataka State has bestowed numerous accolades on the sculptor Ganesh. He has created over a thousand monuments to date, and they are erected in India, Britain, Germany, France, America, and Italy.

Ram Lalla Idol - Ganesh Bhatt
Ram Lalla Idol – Ganesh Bhatt

Satyanarayan Pandey: The third artist Son of Jaipur-based sculptor Rameshwar Lal Pandey is Satyanarayan Pandey. For the past 70 years, his family has been producing marble statues. He crafted the Ramlala idol out of Rajasthani white marble from Makrana.

Ram Lalla Idol - Satyanaran Pandey
Ram Lalla Idol – Satyanaran Pandey

What About Old Statue

The new statue had been placed in front of the previous one. The ancient idol of Ramlala, which was formerly housed in a makeshift shrine, claims to be Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra. In front of the new statue is that as well. The idol’s jewelry was created following an in-depth investigation and analysis of holy texts such as the Alavandar Stotram, Adhyatma Ramayana, Valmiki Ramayana, and Ramcharitmanas.

Gold Jewellery of Ramlala

Upon witnessing Ram Lalla decked out in gold decorations resembling a five-year-old child, people became emotional. Reliable reports claim that the 200 kg statue is wearing 5 kg of gold jewelry. The Lord’s nails to his forehead are covered in jewels. A golden crown adorns Ramlala’s head.

Diamonds, emeralds, and rubies decorate the crown. The center is marked with the sun. There are pearl strings on the right side. Peacock figures are also being created in the coil at the same time. It also contains emeralds, ruby, diamond, and gold. On the forehead, Mangal Tilak is present. It is composed of rubies and diamonds. A belt adorned with jewels encircles the waist. It also has five little bells placed in it. Both hands have bracelets embellished with gems. In his left hand, he holds a golden bow, and in his right, he holds a golden arrow.

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