Change Theory Test Date 2024: Change, Cancel, or Reschedule My Driving Test Date in UK

Change Theory Test Date 2024: This post will teach you about the Change Driving Test: How Do I Change, Cancel, or Reschedule My Driving Test in the UK? To obtain a driver’s license, the individual must pass a driving test. To obtain the license, you must pass two different tests, including a theoretical and a practical driving test.

Change Your Driving Exam

After applying for the driving test, the main authorities assign a test date to each applicant. In the United Kingdom, the candidate has the option to change the dates of their driving test for the next three working days. Continue reading this page to learn more about the modified Driving Test, how to cancel or modify the date, and other topics.

To obtain a driver’s license in the United Kingdom, the candidate must pass two driving exams. The top authorities allow for an extension of the test date. You can amend or cancel the appointment, reschedule the exam, or change the location of the test.

Someone who has applied for a driving test but is unable to take it on the scheduled dates. The individual is then given three working days’ notice during which they can schedule their test. Anyone who changes their driving test date must pay for the test to be retaken.

How to Begin a Driving Test

To begin, you must schedule your test, which is divided into two categories. To book a motorcycle, the applicant must select AM, A, A1, and A2 and category, whereas private cars must select B Category. Then, for the appointment, you must give a brief notice.

The candidate must then pass two driving tests. The first is a theoretical test administered on a computer at an accredited DVSA test center. This test is divided into two parts that are focused on driving rules and regulations. The second exam will consist of a driving practice session on the road.

How to Change Your Driving Exam

If you want to change your driving test date in the UK, you can do so by contacting the authorities or by going online. To alter your driving test online, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Go to GOV.UK’s main portal.

Step 2: Next, use your booking number or theoretical test number to log in to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

Step 3: Following that, follow the online instructions to modify the date, center, or time.

Step 4: After you’ve made your adjustments, click the confirm button.

As soon as you approve the modifications to your driving test, the applicant will receive a confirmation email from the authorities, along with the revised driving test details. You must provide the proper date on which you can conduct your test procedure. You must pay your driving test fees again if you change your driving test date.

How can you cancel and reschedule a driving test in the United Kingdom?

You must contact the DVSA by phone or letter to cancel or reschedule your driving test. Individuals must give three working days’ notice, which falls between Monday and Saturday because Sunday is a public holiday and is not counted. If someone gives them notice for more than three days, they will not issue a refund.

Individuals can contact the DVSA to reschedule or cancel the exam by calling 0300 200 1122 or sending an email to You can contact them for your driver’s license number, theory test certificate number, and a reference to the driving test booking.

You can also book your DVSA driving test for a later date. Before taking the exam, you should be familiar with the driving rules and have had plenty of practice behind the wheel.

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