Ayodhya Ram Mandir News: What happened on 18th January 2024

Ayodhya Ram Mandir News: In this article, we are going to read about all major highlights in Ayodhya Ram Mandir on 18th January. The idol of Ramlala is housed in the sanctum sanctorum of Ayodhya, where it is set on a pedestal. The idol was set atop a pedestal by the artisans. It took four hours to complete this process. It has been reported that for the aroma to linger, the idol will now be stored in scented water. After that, it will be stored with ghee, fruits, and grains.

The third day of the Pran Pratishtha rites, which began on January 16, is Thursday, January 18. The funeral is scheduled for January 22. It was here that Jyotish Peeth’s Shankaracharya Avimukteshwaranand declared that only Ramlala, seated on the main altar, ought to be dedicated. The Swayambhu statue cannot be replaced with another statue.

Major Highlights on 18th January

  • The third day of the Pran Pratishtha ceremony, which began on January 16, is Thursday.
  • Anil Mishra, a trustee of Ram Mandir, is the main host of the puja.
  • The silver statue of Ramlala was shown throughout the temple grounds on Wednesday.
  • Saryu Puja was held on Tuesday to begin the Pran Pratishtha process.
What has transpired thus far in the procedure of transferring the idol to the hallowed chambers?

Before the idol was erected, the puja was already completed.

The stone statue was hoisted by the artisans since it needed to be fastened to the base.

The idol is entirely covered. The cover will only be taken off during the consecration ceremony.

Following the consecration, a mirror will be displayed to the idol.

A mirror is shown to God since it is thought that only God can withstand the brightness of the idol, yet the mirror eventually breaks.

Pran Pratistha will be streamed live at Railway Stations around the nation.

Train stations around the nation will broadcast live footage of Ramlala’s consecration event. For this, some 9000 screens have been put.

According to Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam, Lord Ram is India’s soul. It is impossible to conceive India without Lord Ram. As a result, I believe that turning down the request to be consecrated was improper and ought to be given more thought.

In Ayodhya, guards in armored cars are standing guard before Ram Lalla’s consecration ritual.

Seema Kumar, a member of the Railway Board’s Business Development team, traveled to Ayodhya and examined the Ayodhya Dham and Ayodhya Cantt stations. The inspection covered a wide range of topics, including ongoing development projects, passenger amenities, catering services, and other related areas. It was instructed to finish all the preparations up until the inauguration.

One day ahead of the consecration, on January 21, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to arrive in Ayodhya. It has been suggested that Pran Pratistha’s time and season are the cause of this. It’s¬†rather cloudy in the morning. This could make landing the plane difficult. As a result, plans are underway for the PM to arrive one day early. The administration hasn’t, however, formally verified this.

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