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PIP Rates 2024 UK – In the UK, the Personal Independence Payment offers much-needed assistance to those with serious diseases or impairments. Thus, you must read this post with us if you want to learn about the most recent revisions to PIP Rates 2024 as well as the New PIP Rates 2024 in the UK.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

If you suffer from an illness, disability, or mental health issue, you may be eligible for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is additional funding to assist with daily living expenses. It is available to anyone between the ages of 16 and State Pension who is ill or disabled and needs long-term care or finds it difficult to move around.

If you are disabled, have a serious physical or mental health condition, or find it difficult to do certain daily chores, PIP may be able to help with additional living expenses. PIP is therefore split into two categories: daily living and mobility.

PIP is tax-free and does not have a means test. That is to say, you can receive it with or without employment; it doesn’t matter how much money you make or have saved. You can receive it in combination with other benefits or the Employment and Support Allowance.

PIP Rates 2024

Benefits from the Personal Independence Payment may grow significantly for recipients starting in April 2024. In the UK, out of 3.4 million claimants of PIP, 36% receive the maximum amount. The claimants are eager to find out the PIP Rates for 2023–2024 as a result.

The Department for Work and Pensions presently pays £172.75 in weekly PIP payments. According to the Bank of England’s September CPI estimate of 7%, consumers should experience a further notable increase in April of the following year. Consequently, in 2024, the PIP rates might rise by 2.5 percent.

Bookmark this page for this article if you are likewise anticipating the delivery of UK PIP payments.  Here, we’ll provide you with all the most recent information on qualifying requirements and benefit payout rates.

PIP Rates Overview 2024

Article DWP Latest News on PIP
Government-Aid Name Personal Independence Payment
Implementing Agency Federal Government of UK
Regulated By Department for Work and Pensions or DWP
Beneficiaries UK disabled population
Age Eligibility 18-66 years
PIP Expected Increase 6.7%
Official Portal Click Here

PIP Eligibility 2024

You might be able to submit a new claim for Personal Independence Payment if you are over 16 but not yet State Pension Age. You also have to be incapacitated or have a medical condition that makes day-to-day living more challenging. You must have struggled with these problems for a minimum of three months, and you should expect them to persist for an additional nine.

You can also apply for an Attendance Allowance if you are older than the current State Pension age of 66. In addition, if you were eligible for PIP in the year before you turned 65 and have already received it, you may also file a new claim.

What are the New PIP rates in 2024 in the UK?

PIP rates rose by 10.1% in April 2023 in response to rising inflation. The Personal Independence Payment’s new daily living component for 2023 is the increased rate of £101.75 and the ordinary rate of £68.10. The mobility component of the basic rate is now £26.90, while the mobility component of the enhanced rate is now £71.00.

If the 6.7% uprating is authorized, everyone receiving PIP benefits and other benefits will receive an increase in April 2024. The daily living component is therefore expected to rise to roughly £72.66 for the normal rate and £108.57 for the enhanced rate in 2024. It is projected that the mobility component will increase to £28.70 at the regular rate and £75.73 at the enhanced rate.

Please be aware that the prices shown above are estimates only and could change. You may have to wait a little while longer for more precise information because the government may decide to hike benefit rates by a different amount.

How to Apply for PIP?

It could take up to four months to file a Personal Independence Payment claim before you get any money. PIP payments start the day you file your claim, compensating for the time the DWP took to process it. They are not retroactive. To begin a new PIP claim, call the DWP officials at 0800 917 2222.

It might be difficult to determine whether you are eligible for PIP payments because recipients can have a wide range of medical conditions. The PIP is not based on your illness or medications; rather, it is based on how much help you need because of how your health affects you. It is advised that you regularly check the UK government’s official website to stay up to speed on the most recent information regarding PIP rates for 2024.

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